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Verizon FamilyBase


PARENTS: Help your kids use their mobile devices responsibly. Are you concerned about what your kids do on their phones all day? Are they texting and calling during school or late at night? Who are they texting and calling the most? What apps are they using? Take charge of your family with Verizon FamilyBase ® .
With Verizon FamilyBase, you can see how your kids are using their phones to help them learn responsible phone use. ☆ Easy to understand charts let you see when your kids use their phones most at a glance ☆ See who your kids communicate with—know their names, not just their numbers☆ See what apps your kids use most and when they download new ones☆ Remote control your kids’ phones—lock them on demand with a click☆ Set FamilyBase to notify you—like when they add new contacts or text after bedtime
Plus you'll get access to your FamilyBase Dashboard in the FamilyBase app as well as My Verizon ( You can also set usage controls:☆ Schedule time restrictions to set limits for phone use during school hours or after bedtime☆ Create always allowed and never allowed contacts ☆ Manage costs by setting limits on Data, Voice and Messaging usage
Your child can always dial 911 in case of emergency. Parents receive a free text alert when a line on their account calls 911.
TRY IT FREEDownload includes a one month FREE trial. After the trial period, you will be billed $4.99 per account per month on your wireless phone bill.
You know what’s best for your kids. Help teach them responsible phone use with Verizon Family Base.